We are an education service for parents and children.

We show parents and carers how to understand their children, so they see exactly how to create a better experience of life for the whole family.

Suitable for ALL families, including those who have a child within them with a diagnosis of a mental health or learning difficulty condition. This training will give you new tools to use to improve  communication,  self awareness of yourself and your child and will show you how to build up your children's inner strength. 

New, Different and Empowering Information

No matter who you child is, how they feel at the moment or what method of learning you prefer, we WILL be able to support you.

Online courses, face to face sessions and books to read.

Everything you need to know about how your child experiences the world, and what YOU need to do next so you can improve this, can be found here.


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A Mind Through a Childs Eyes

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